• Wedding Band

    Getting married? Hand Fulla Soul are the best wedding band around!
    What makes a great wedding band?  We think that listening to what YOU want is the key to being one of the great wedding bands.
    Here at Hand Fulla Soul headquarters we will always make sure that we work directly with the Bride and Groom to make their special day perfect.  We will tailor our set to your taste so that if there is that one song that you cannot stand, you can rest assured that you will not be hearing it anywhere near your wedding!
    One of our favorite things about playing at weddings is the first dance.  There are many wedding bands that will simply play your first dance on a CD and then go through the motions playing the same set they play at every wedding…but not Hand Fulla Soul!  We will happily learn the first dance song and play it live for that memorable moment – completely free of charge!
    To find out more about our wedding band and various wedding bands options please get in touch via our contact form or with the details below.

    Tel: 07872 436 671     Email: mail@handfullasoul.com


    Background Music

    Hand Fulla Jazz can transform the atmosphere at any event
    Every musician in Hand Fulla Soul is highly skilled not only as a soul musician, but as a jazz musician too. This allows us to play live atmospheric background music that will create the perfect ambience at your event.
    Our background jazz lineup is flexible and versatile.  Ranging from solo piano to a jazz octet, we can provide the right music at the right volume.  To hear some examples of our background jazz click on the links below:

    Jazz Duo:

    Jazz Solo Piano:

    Jazz Trio:

    Background Music:

    To hear a direct comparison between our solo piano, jazz duo and jazz trio options play the track below:

    A sample of our possible jazz repertoire can be found on the Repertoire page.
    Our Background Jazz services can be booked independently from our party band services, as well as in conjunction with them.
    For a quotation or any information regarding our background jazz please contact us using our form


    Frequently asked questions

    How much do you charge?
    It is difficult to give an indication of how much we charge without knowing a bit more about your event. There are many different things that affect the cost of hiring Hand Fulla Soul, including size and location of the venue, the length of time you would like us to play etc. The best thing to do is to contact us now to talk through a few details of your event and we will give you a no obligation quotation and probably some helpful information!

    What areas do you cover?
    We are happy to play almost any where in the world!  We are based in London and the South East, but can travel with no problem.  Get in touch to discuss your event and the logistics.

    Do you offer a smaller band?
    Yes! Although the full Hand Fulla Soul experience is the 8-piece band with full rhythm section, 2 horns and 2 singers, we do offer a variety of different ensembles to suit your event. Our smallest line-up is the 5-piece band which is perfect if you are tight on budget or space! Please email enquiries@handfullasoul.com to see a full listing of all of our options.

    Will the band need PA or special lighting?
    We will provide our own PA and lighting for up to 500 people. For larger events there will be a hire charge.

    Do you take song requests?
    Yes! For weddings we will learn one song for the first dance free of charge. We will also happily try to accommodate any other requests from our extensive repertoire list. If you would like us to learn more than one song, then there may be some extra charges.

    How long do you need to set up?
    It takes about 2 hours to set up and sound check the PA. This can be shorter if it is a smaller venue.  It is preferable to set up as close to the performance time as possible. However, if you require an earlier set up then let us know and we’ll discuss how to accommodate it.

    How long do you normally play for?
    Usually we play 2 x 1 hour sets. However, if you prefer, we can split that into 3 x 40 minute sets. These are just the common set times we do. If you require alternative set times, or more than 2 hours live music we can do that too!

    Will we need to hire a DJ?
    We are happy to play either our own selection of music or your own selection before and in between our sets. Most people find that they don’t need a separate DJ as well as the band.

    How loud do you play?
    As loud/quiet as you want! We will adjust the volume of the performance to your requirements.

    What do you wear?
    Hand Fulla Soul musicians usually perform in white shirts, dark trousers and cool, skinny ties with waistcoats and other accessories! However we can wear suits or even black tie if required. We will always be smart in appearance on and off stage.