• Our very own Oscars!
    05th Apr 2015

    The other day we were chosen to play for the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Ceremony.  However, this was not your average gig!

    Similar to the Oscars, we were asked to play the ‘walk-up stings’ for when the nominees and the winners were announced.  As you can imagine, this was no mean feat as there were 26 ‘stings’, all of which had to be judged to perfection to last just until the winner had made it to the stage and was ready for their speech.

    To achieve something like this, you have to have an incredibly skilled and versatile band that can read the situation perfectly, and adapt instantaneously to what is happening around them.  We know we pulled off this exciting gig because not only have we been booked again for the next awards ceremony, but received these kind words from the guys in charge:

    “A fantastically professional, great sounding band they delivered on every level and I will definitely be booking them again”

    The awards host for the night was the Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine, who described us as “sensational”.

    You would think that playing 26 stings would be a big enough achievement in itself, but once we had finished these, it was straight off to play for the after party!  We had everyone dancing the night away, and according to the organizers – no band has been able to get people dancing at this event in the last 4 years!  A success all round!